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Issue Dated March 29, 2002

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The University of Maryland, Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine 
Division seeks an Adolescent Trial Network Primary Prevention and 
Vaccine Project Coordinator. Duties: responsible for the development, 
implementation and coordination of HIV prevention and vaccine 
development initiatives at the University of Maryland Division of 
Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine; responsible for research protocol 
development, site preparedness, coordination of recruitment and 
retention of subjects in prevention and vaccine initiatives; and supervise 
and coordinate community-based research efforts and complete grant 
requirements including progress reports. REQUIRES: graduate degree in 
a health-related field; Ph.D. with 2 or more years of experience (MD or 
MD/PhD also included); experience as research project or field 
coordinator/director; fluency and clarity in written communication; 
ability to display clear, personally sensitive, and culturally competent 
verbal communication; ability to liaison with community agencies; 
knowledge of grant protocol including the ability to present the protocol 
objectives fluently; and ability to identify and recruit community-based 
organizations as partners. Prefers: community-based experience. Send 
resume to: Jenny Redfield, University of Maryland, Adolescent and 
Young Adult Medicine, 120 Penn Street, Baltimore, MD 21201; Phone: 
410-706-1940; Fax: 410-328-1144; or Email: 
[email protected] 

The Program for Improving Healthcare Decisions (PICHD), a 
multidisciplinary research team at the University of Michigan, is 
accepting applications for a Postdoctoral Fellowship or Faculty Research 
Position. The PIHCD mission is to understand and improve health care 
decisions made by both patients and providers, and to explore the 
relevant implications for health care policy. Duties: conduct independent 
research with emphasis on study inception, manuscript writing, and 
applying for grants. We are interested in candidates who have 
substantive research interests in areas such as, but not limited to, social 
cognition, motivation and emotion, and the study of decision making 
from cognitive psychological or economic perspectives. REQUIRES: 
earned doctorate with appropriate background, training and research 
interest and experience in the areas of cognitive or social psychology, 
medicine, or behavioral economics; strong indication of ability to 
conduct research leading to peer-reviewed publications and external 
funding. Collaboration across disciplines and entities within and outside 
the University is strongly encouraged. Salary is very competitive and 
commensurate with experience and education. PIHCD resources and 
collaborative support will enable the candidate to build his/her own 
research program. Interested candidates should send a letter of research 
interests, reprints and preprints, curriculum vitae and 3 letters of 
recommendation to: Peter Ubel, MD, Program For Improving 
Healthcare Decisions, University of Michigan Health System, 300 North 
Ingalls, Room 7D21, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0429; or email: 
[email protected]
****************************** INSTRUCTOR or ASSISTANT PROFESSOR BOSTON, MA

Harvard Medical School/Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Department of 
Ambulatory Care and Prevention seeks an Instructor or Assistant 
Professor with interest in continuing education of primary care clinicians. 
Duties: maintain a small clinical practice and assist in teaching and 
mentoring of graduate students and fellows; serve as Deputy Director to 
produce and direct "Current Clinical Issues in Primary Care," a 
continuing medical education course that attracts 35,000 primary care 
clinicians annually in 5 US cities; and collaborate with educational 
leaders to design and test innovative new program ideas for continuing 
education. REQUIRES: MD; board certification in internal medicine; 
and experience in primary care education, course planning and design. 
Respond to: Ann Plasso, Dept. of Ambulatory Care and Prevention, 133 
Brookline Ave., Boston, MA 02215; or email: 
[email protected]
****************************** FACULTY POSITION BOSTON, MA

The Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DF/HCC), a consortium of the 
Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health, Dana-Farber 
Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Massachusetts General 
Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, and Children's Hospital 
Boston, has established a research program to address racial and ethnic 
disparities that lead to excess cancer mortality. We solicit applications 
for position(s) in adult and pediatric oncology specialties, including 
medicine, radiation therapy, surgery, and surgical subspecialties, for new 
faculty members with a primary research interest in the subject of racial 
and ethnic disparities as related to any aspect of cancer biology, 
diagnosis, care, and prevention. Successful candidate(s) (physicians or 
Ph.D.'s) will be offered the opportunity to join a clinical department in 
one of the member DF/HCC institutions. The faculty member will have 
access to the broad programs, cores and resources of the DF/HCC, 
spanning clinical, basic and population science. Applications from 
women and minority candidates are particularly encouraged. 
Appointments will be considered at all faculty levels and final selection 
will be based on candidate merit and on potential for program building 
and research contribution to this field. Send letters expressing interest, 
with a curriculum vitae and a list of 3 references to: Bruce A. Chabner, 
M.D., Chair, Disparities Program Recruitment, Massachusetts General 
Hospital Cancer Center, 100 Blossom Street, Cox 640, Boston, MA 
02114-2617; 617.724.3200; email: [email protected] We are an 
Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. 

The Australian National University, National Centre for Epidemiology 
and Population Health seeks candidates for the following positions. For 
enquiries: Dr. Jim Butler, NCEPH, Telephone: (02) 6249-5542; or 
Email: [email protected] Contact: Information on how to apply 
may be obtained from the ANU Web page: 
http://www/ or by telephoning or emailing the 
contact. Further particulars, including the selection criteria, must be 
obtained before applying.  Contact: HR, NCEPH, Telephone: (61-2) 
6249 0713; or Email: [email protected] All applications 
should be addressed to the Staffing Recruitment Officer, Chancelry 2A, 
The Australian National University, ACT 0200.

Applications are sought from suitably qualified women and men for 
appointment to the post of Health Economist - Fellow/Research 
Fellow/Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Centre for Epidemiology and 
Population Health (NCEPH). NCEPH is a multidisciplinary research 
centre encompassing epidemiology, biostatistics, health economics, 
sociology and demography. Health economics research at NCEPH 
includes various projects on health care financing including an analysis of 
community rating and adverse selection in private health insurance, and 
economic evaluations of vaccination programs. New interests include 
measurement of the collateral health costs and benefits of social policy 
decisions, e.g. the potential health benefits stemming from the Kyoto 
protocol and the imposition of a carbon tax. The Centre is seeking to 
appoint an economist who, in addition to pursuing their own research 
interests, will be involved in research on the economic burden of illness 
attributable to environmental change. Economists with a background in 
environmental economics who are interested in pursuing research in 
health economics are welcome to apply. REQUIRES: Ph.D. degree or 
equivalent in economics; achievement in research and scholarship in a 
discipline relevant to health economics or environmental economics, as 
demonstrated by referees' reports and record of research; potential for 
future contributions in research and scholarship; and experience in 
supervising postgraduate research students and in postgraduate 
coursework teaching. Prefers: ability to work effectively and 
harmoniously in a multi-disciplinary team; demonstrated understanding 
of equal opportunity principles and experience of their application in an 
Australian university and ability to support the Centre's statutory 
responsibilities in relation to the workplace environment. Appointment: 
Fellow/Research Fellow will be a standard appointment; Postdoctoral 
Fellow for a fixed term of 2 years, with the possibility of extension to3 
years, and subject to the satisfactory completion of a probationary period 
of 6 months. Salary: Postdoctoral Fellow (Level A): $36,559 - 
$48,867 p.a.; Research Fellow (Level B): $51,330 - $60,562 p.a.; and 
Fellow (Level C): $62,407 - $71,641 p.a. Closing date: 10 May 2002. 

Applications are sought from suitably qualified women and men for 
appointment as an Epidemiologist - Senior Fellow/Fellow/Research 
Fellow at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health. 
The National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health (NCEPH) 
is a multidisciplinary research centre which aims to improve population 
health. It encompasses epidemiology, biostatistics, health economics, 
sociology/anthropology and demography. The Centre has core research 
programs centred on: environmental health; social determinants of 
health; infectious disease transmission; and health systems research. The 
successful applicant will be a qualified epidemiologist, with a strong 
track record and methodological expertise in one or more of the 
following: social epidemiology, environmental epidemiology, 
communicable disease and Indigenous health. REQURIES: A Ph.D. 
degree or equivalent in epidemiology; achievement in research and 
scholarship in epidemiology, as demonstrated by referees' reports and 
record of research; ability to collaborate with a range of bodies such as 
national, State or Territory health departments, as well as academic 
institutions; experience in an area of epidemiology pertinent to the 
Centre's education and research agenda; potential for future 
contributions in research and scholarship; and experience in supervising 
postgraduate research students and in postgraduate coursework 
teaching. Prefers: ability to work effectively and harmoniously in a multi-
disciplinary team; demonstrated understanding of equal opportunity 
principles and experience of their application in an Australian university 
and ability to support the Centre's statutory responsibilities in relation to 
the workplace environment. Appointment will be to standard position. 
Salary: Senior Fellow (Level D): $74,716 - 82,102 p.a.; Fellow (Level 
C): $62,407 - 71,641 p.a.; and Research Fellow (Level B): $51,330 - 
60,562 p.a. Closing date: 30 April 2002. Ref.: NCEPH. 

The Department of Community and Behavioral Health seeks candidates 
for the Wellmark Professorship in Community Health. The Department 
of Community and Behavioral Health is committed to a strong leadership 
role in investigating the science of community health. This endowed 
professorship will strengthen the linkage between the College of Public 
Health, The University of Iowa and Wellmark, thereby enhancing the 
health of the people of Iowa. The College of Public Health currently has 
57 full-time faculty, over 165 professional staff, and 35 support staff and 
operates on an annual budget of $28 million, $19.3 million of which is 
derived from extramural research funds. Duties: selected candidate will 
hold a senior tenured faculty appointment in the Department of 
Community and Behavioral Health; will be responsible for graduate level 
teaching and research; if interested, will be actively engaged in the 
creation of a new Center for Community Health and Translational 
Research.  REQUIRES: PhD, MD, DrPH, or equivalent; outstanding 
research record (including scholarship publication and external funding); 
nationally and internationally recognized in the health fields of social 
science, behavioral science, health promotion, or health education; able 
to conduct research that can be translated to communities within Iowa 
and the mid-west.  Salary and rank will be commensurate with 
experience. A more complete description of the department and 
individual faculty members is available at our website 
( Submit cover 
letter describing qualifications and interest, curriculum vitae, and names 
of 3 references to: John B. Lowe, DrPH, FAHPA, FAAHB, Professor 
and Head, Search Committee Chair, Department of Community and 
Behavioral Health, The University of Iowa College of Public Health, 
2850 Steindler Building, Iowa City, IA 52242; 319-335-9831; 319-335-
2000; or email: [email protected] Screening of applicants will 
begin immediately and will continue until the position has been filled. The 
University of Iowa is an equal opportunity and affirmative action 
employer.  Women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.
****************************** HEALTH SCIENTIST ADMINISTRATOR

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) a 
Division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) seeks a Health 
Scientist Administrator (HSA). Duties: provide scientific guidance and 
management for major branch programs in comparative and molecular 
genetics of alcohol abuse and alcoholism related to cell and tissue injury; 
plan, design and evaluate multidisciplinary activities including, but not 
limited to molecular genetics, comparative genetics and genomics, 
cytogenetic and physical mapping, biological databased, analysis of 
protein structure and intermolecular interactions as well as disease gene 
identification related to alcohol use or abuse; investigate factors that 
control genetic expression of ethanol metabolizing enzymes; and develop 
new initiatives that have direct relevance to disease states including 
immune dysfunction, cancer, liver injury and fetal alcohol syndrome. The 
genetics of human alcoholism and alcohol induced organ injury is the 
focus of this program. Comparative genetics will also be developed in 
order to demonstrate that like genes are responsible for pathological 
conditions in different species. The program will also include studies on 
histocompatability antigens of families that have a history of alcohol use 
and or alcoholism and related neoplastic, immune or organ disorders. 
There is also a necessity to address the molecular cytogenetics of Fetal 
Alcohol Syndrome. REQUIRES: knowledge in molecular biology, 
genetic and molecular genetics to develop a grant portfolio and manage 
its growth by encouraging applications from new and established 
scientists whose work reflects excellence in science; completion of all 
requirements for a Ph.D. (or equivalent doctoral degree) in an accredited 
college or university in an academic field of the health or pertinent 
sciences, or successful completion of a full 4-year course of study in an 
accredited college or university leading to a bachelor or higher degree 
with major study in an academic field of the health or pertinent sciences 
which has been applied and utilized by the applicant in health or health-
related research; and one year of qualifying, progressively responsible 
experience, or any equivalent combination of graduate study and 
research experience in these fields. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities 
(KSAs): (applicants must submit a supplemental statement to their 
resume or application on plain bond paper addressing each of the specific 
KSA's listed below. 1 Knowledge of biomedical research approaches and 
techniques with broad scientific significance. 2 Professional knowledge 
and research experience in biomedical science, including molecular 
genetics, cell and molecular biology, and biochemistry and metabolism. 3 
Ability to plan and manage major research programs involving complex 
administrative/management issues. 4 Ability to clearly communicate 
complex scientific issues both orally and in writing to scientific and 
nonscientific groups. Submit an Optional Application for Federal 
Employment (OF-612), Application for Federal Employment (SF-171) 
or a resume to: Sheri Liggett, National Institutes of Health, NIAAA, 
Human Resources Office, 6000 Executive Blvd., Room 406, Bethesda, 
MD 20892; email: [email protected]; or fax: 301-443-1396. 
Reference Announcement #NIAAA-02-0220. Closing date: April 8, 
****************************** CHIEF, EPIDEMIOLOGY RESEARCH BRANCH

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) a Division of the National 
Institutes of Health (NIH) seeks a Chief, Epidemiology Research Branch. 
Duties: serve as Chief, Epidemiology Research Branch (Health Scientist 
Administrator); responsible for the overall planning, development, 
direction, evaluation, and administration of a comprehensive and diverse 
extramural research program covering the Division's research and other 
activities in the areas of epidemiology, etiology, and consequences 
research on drug use and abuse; and supervise a team of multidisciplinary 
professionals and support staff. REQUIRES: U.S. citizen; completion of 
all requirements for a Ph.D. (or equivalent doctoral degree) in an 
accredited college or university including acceptance of the dissertation 
in an academic field relevant to the position; professional experience that 
demonstrates the management of large and diverse research programs 
having national or international collaborations, scope, and impact; 
managerial experience in organizational and program development that 
includes having responsibility for the development of plans for the 
resolution of major organizational and operational problems and issues, 
and allocating funds among competing programs; recognized as 
distinguished scientists with major research experience and 
accomplishments; members of prestigious national professional 
organizations or societies, and published extensively in refereed journals; 
served as an organization's representative on permanent and ad-hoc 
committees established to evaluate research issues; managed extramural 
activities including program planning, evaluation, and review assessment, 
and monitoring of major basic, clinical or applied research supported by 
the agency which are of national or international scope and impact; held 
the position of Professor or Department chairman or equivalent, 
Laboratory Chief or equivalent, Director of Research or equivalent, or 
have been responsible for scientific administration of a small company or 
a division of a large company. Applicants should address the following 
items: 1. Titles of research papers published in appropriate scientific 
peer-reviewed journals, giving complete citation. 2. Grants and 
Contracts: all grants or contracts for which the applicants were the 
Principal Investigator, applicants must state this fact and include the title, 
type and subject matter of the grant or contract, source of funding, dollar 
amount, and starting and ending dates. It is to the applicants advantage 
to submit a supplemental statement to their resume or application (on 
plain bond paper) addressing each of the specific KSA's listed below. 1 
Ability to plan and manage major research programs involving complex 
administrative/management issues. 2 Knowledge of management, 
administrative, and supervisory practices and procedures to plan and 
direct the work of subordinate staff. 3 Ability to develop and stimulate a 
program of epidemiology and etiology of substance abuse research. 4 
Knowledge of the principles, theories, and methodologies applicable to 
the scientific fields of epidemiology research, etiology research, or 
medical and non-medical consequences of substance abuse. 5 Ability to 
orally communicate scientific, programmatic, and administrative 
information to a wide variety of scientific and non-scientific personnel 
within and outside the organization or agency. 6 Ability to write clearly, 
logically, and persuasively on complex scientific topics for a diverse 
scientific and non-scientific audience. Submit resume, Optional 
Application for Federal Employment (OF-612), or Application for 
Federal Employment (SF-171) to: Earle Stalfort, National Institutes of 
Health, NIDA, Human Resources Office, 6001 Executive Blvd., Room 
5128, MSC 9587, Bethesda, MD 20892-9587; email: 
[email protected]; fax: 301-443-8908; or TTY: 800-735-
2258. Reference Announcement #NIDA-02-0023. Closing deadline: 
April 12, 2002. 
****************************** *HEALTH EDUCATOR HOUSTON, TX

The Northwest Houston Community Health Clinic seeks a Health 
Educator. REQUIRES: Bachelor's degree in Health Education, 
Community Health or related field (Education, Sociology, Psychology, 
or Social Work); one year experience in an education or outreach role in 
a public health, public school or community service agency; considerable 
knowledge in the areas of sexually transmitted diseases, communicable 
disease control, current family planning methods, maternal-child health 
issues (including parental and infant care and parenting skills) and 
community outreach; and valid Texas Drivers License and reliable 
transportation. Prefers: proficient in MS Word, Excel, Outlook, 
PowerPoint and other educational and graphics software: and Master's 
degree in Public Health (MPH) or Health Education or Certified Health 
Education Specialist. Submit applications at Harris County Employment 
and Training, 1310 Prairie, Suite 240, Houston, TX 77002; phone: (713) 
439-6195; or email: [email protected] Reference position number 
****************************** *ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH ANALYST BETHESDA, MD

Abt Associates Inc. seeks an Environmental Health Analyst. Duties: plan, 
conduct and manage a variety of environmental analyses to support EPA 
activities; perform human health risk assessments for a variety of 
environmental media, such as examining pesticide contamination in food, 
impacts of air pollution regulations, pathogen risks in ground water, and 
lead abatement in housing; manage small projects and collaborate with 
clients by telephone or in person; and assist with and manage proposal 
efforts. REQUIRES: outstanding academic record; a Master's degree in 
public health, with a focus in epidemiology or environmental health 
issues; strong quantitative and computer programming skills; and 
excellent writing abilities. Prefers: knowledge of environmental issues, 
laws, and EPA regulations; and experience in government or consulting 
experience. Send resume and cover letter to: Ben Apelberg, Abt 
Associates, Inc., 4800 Montgomery Lane, Suite 600, Bethesda, MD 
20814; or email: [email protected] 
***************************** *CHAIR - DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH STUDIES DENTON, TX

The Texas Woman's University seeks a Chair, Department of Health 
Studies. The Department of Health Studies offers the B.S., M.S., Ph.D., 
and Ed.D. degrees in Health Studies. Over 120 undergraduate and 70 
graduate students are currently enrolled in these programs. Duties: 
provide leadership for nationally recognized undergraduate and graduate 
programs in Health Studies; and foster a climate that supports excellence 
in teaching, research, and service. REQUIRES: earned doctorate in 
discipline relevant to health education or health studies; relevant 
administrative experience and a record of extramurally funded research; 
excellent interpersonal skills; and qualified for appointment at rank of 
associate professor or professor. Prefers: CHES certification. Closing 
Date is May 15, 2002. Send letter of application; professional vita; 
copies of transcripts; and 3 letters of reference to: Kristin Wiginton, 
Chair of Search Committee, Department of Health Studies, PO Box 
425499, Denton TX 76204-5499; Phone: 940-898-2842; Fax: 940-898-
2859; or Email: [email protected]
***************************** *PROGRAM SPECIALIST III AUSTIN, TX

The Texas Department of Health seeks a Program Specialist III for the 
Bureau of Emergency Management. Duties: responsible for working in a 
team environment to facilitate the development of emergency health care 
systems throughout the state with specific responsibility for the 
emergency medical services for children program; provides on-site and 
in-house technical assistance on issues with emergency health care for 
the pediatric population and the development of a categorization process 
for pediatric stabilization and regional referral centers; and researches 
potential funding sources and prepares proposals for new and continued 
funding. REQUIRES: thorough knowledge of EMS/Trauma System 
principles, state laws, rules, and regulations; knowledge of pertinent 
techniques of research and management; current license as a M.D., R.N., 
P.A., or EMT-P/LP; Bachelor's degree, especially one in health care or 
public health; experience caring for critically ill or injured patients with 
an emphasis on children (i.e. ED or ICU); program planning experience; 
experience as an officer on or participant with a Trauma Regional 
Advisory Council; and certification in Pediatric Advanced Life Support 
(PALS), Advanced Pediatric Life Support (APLS), Emergency Nurse 
Pediatric Course (ENPC), Pediatric Education for Pre-hospital 
Professionals (PEPP), Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS), Advanced 
Trauma Life Support (ATLS), or the Trauma Nurse Core Course 
(TNCC). Closing date: 8/31/02. Monthly salary: $3,111-3,412. Send 
State of Texas Application to: HHS Job Center, 1100 West 49th Street, 
Ste. 143, Austin, Texas 78756-3185 or Fax No.: (512) 458-7409. 
Reference Posting No.: 02-TDH-0208.
****************************** *RESEARCH GENERAL HEALTH SCIENTIST FT. LEWIS, WA

The United States Army Medical Command seeks a Research General 
Health Scientist (GS-13). Duties: utilizes in-depth scientific knowledge 
of experimental design and research methods to provide consultation to 
the Madigan staff in the areas of protocol development and experimental 
design; independently conduct research projects and provide technical 
guidance and direction to physician investigators in planning and 
conducting research projects; serves as the Thesis-Mentor Committee 
Team Leader on the majority of developing clinical research protocols 
and the Research Protocol Review Team/Service Leader for Pre-
Institutional Review Board approval; manage protocol through the IRB 
process (Human Use, Animal Use and Scientific Review); and coordinate 
with MEDCOM CIRO for final approval to include the CRDA and 
perform continuing and annual reviews. REQUIRES: degree in an 
academic field related to the health sciences or applied sciences 
appropriate to the work of the position; and one year specialized 
experience that has equipped the applicant with the particular 
knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the duties of the job. 
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) Statements: Applicants must list 
any experience, awards, and/or training and educational courses that 
relate to the KSA's in detail as a way of demonstrating their level of 
competence in the KSA's: 1) In-depth scientific knowledge of 
experimental design and research questions; 2) Ability to coordinate the 
scientific teaching mission for medical residents and faculty and gives 
seminars in area of expertise; 3) Knowledge of institutional review board 
(irb) policies and procedures; 4) Ability to plan, develop, and coordinate 
research within a medical facility, with major military command, and 
federal agencies; and 5) Ability to supervise research protocol personnel. 
Closing date: 12/30/02. Annual salary: $63-82K. Send Optional 
Application for Federal Employment (OF-612), Application for Federal 
Employment (SF-171) or any other written format; and KSA statements 
to U.S. Army, WCPOC, BLDG 61801 ATTN: 584- DEU-01, P.O. BOX 
12926, Fort Huachuca, AZ 85670-2926. Reference Vacancy 
Announcement No.: 584-DEU-01. Call Miriam Stewart at phone: (253) 
967-5091 with questions. 

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