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Issue Dated March 29 , 2002

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The National Mental Health Association, a nonprofit organization 
addressing all aspects of mental health and mental illness, seeks 
undergraduate and graduate students for its Internship Program. The 
program is designed to provide a unique opportunity for students to gain 
real-world work experience relevant to their academic and career goals. 
Internships are available in mental health prevention, communications, 
public education, fundraising, research, marketing, administration 
finance, adult mental health services, library science, and the Safe 
Schools and Healthy Students Action Center. Send a resume to 
NMHA/JDL, 1021 Prince Street, Alexandria, VA 22314; fax: (703) 
684-5968; or email: [email protected] For more details and to apply 
online, see our website: 

The Population Fellows Programs offer 2-year professional fellowships 
to individuals with graduate degrees in population, reproductive health, 
environment, and development-related areas. These fellowships involve 
providing technical assistance to international agencies, local NGOs and 
government organizations in the developing world, and are not 
traditional research fellowships. There are 2 types of fellowships are 
available. POPULATION FELLOWS are placed with organizations 
working to improve family planning and reproductive health programs 
in the developing world. POPULATION-ENVIRONMENT FELLOWS 
work on projects that combine assistance for threatened environments 
with attention to the population dynamics and reproductive health needs 
of the communities living within them. REQUIRES: U.S. citizenship or 
permanent residency; and expertise in reproductive health program 
design, implementation and evaluation. (Population-Environment 
applicants must also have expertise in areas such as environmental 
health, sustainable agriculture, land-use planning or protected areas 
management). Application deadlines are April 1 and November 1 
each year. The Programs have a variety of fellowships available at any 
given time. Accepted applicants are offered scopes of work for 
consideration when the Programs identify a match between their skills 
and the requirements of an available position. Fellows receive a 
professional-level stipend and benefits. Contact: The Population Fellows 
Programs, University of Michigan, 1214 South University, 2nd Floor, 
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2548; phone: (734) 763-9456; fax: (734) 647-
0643; or email: (Pop): [email protected] or (Pop-Env): 
[email protected] 

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