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Internships and Trainee Positions
These positions are no longer open. Do not apply for any of these positions.


The United States Department of Health and Human Services, Agency 
for Healthcare Research and Quality seeks General Health Science-
Summer Interns (GS-05/11). The AHRQ Summer Internship Program is 
intended to provide students an opportunity to work in an environment 
with some of the leading researchers in the health services research 
community. The goal of the program is to expose students to the 
conduct of research, the support of extramural research, administrative 
procedures, the impact of research on policy in a unique environment 
devoted exclusively to health services research and health care policy, 
and the role of the Federal government in research and knowledge 
creation. Duties: attend an orientation meeting with senior Agency 
officials; be appointed a mentor; be assigned specific projects which may 
include the writing of a report or professional paper, such as a synthesis 
of research and/or policy findings; attend a program and policy seminar 
series specifically designed for the interns; and attend educational trips 
(e.g. congressional hearings). REQUIRES: must be enrolled or accepted 
for enrollment as a degree-seeking (diploma, certificate, etc.) student or 
be taking at least a half-time course load in an accredited college or 
university, graduate or professional school. AHRQ is particularly 
interested in applications from students in schools of nursing, public 
health, medicine, public policy and other health sciences and degrees, 
social science degrees (e.g. economics, anthropology, sociology, political 
science) and/or planning careers in these fields. Closing date: March 1, 
2002. Send cover letter expressing your area of interest (e.g. 
organization and delivery of health care, managed care, quality, 
outcomes, etc.), the type of project you would like to complete (if you 
have one), and a resume for employment. Individuals entering 
undergraduate or graduate school (including medical and law school) 
must submit a letter of acceptance. Undergraduate and graduate students 
are to submit a copy of their official school transcript or a letter from a 
school official stating that you are a student in good standing. Send 
application packet to: Attn: AHRQ -- Summer Employment 
Coordinator, Division Of Personnel Operations, Parklawn Hrs/Psc, P.O. 
Box 5375, Rockville, Maryland 20848-5375 or Fax No.: (301) 480-
3864. Hourly salary: $11.03 to $22.27. Reference Vacancy 
Announcement No.: AHRQ-02S-01. Contact: Kathy Boswell at email: 
[email protected] with questions. 



The Population Fellows Programs offer 2-year professional fellowships 
to individuals with graduate degrees in population, reproductive health, 
environment, and development-related areas. These fellowships involve 
providing technical assistance to international agencies, local NGOs and 
government organizations in the developing world, and are not 
traditional research fellowships. There are 2 types of fellowships are 
available. POPULATION FELLOWS are placed with organizations 
working to improve family planning and reproductive health programs in 
work on projects that combine assistance for threatened environments 
with attention to the population dynamics and reproductive health needs 
of the communities living within them. REQUIRES: U.S. citizenship or 
permanent residency; and expertise in reproductive health program 
design, implementation and evaluation. (Population-Environment 
applicants must also have expertise in areas such as environmental health, 
sustainable agriculture, land-use planning or protected areas 
management). Application deadlines are April 1 and November 1 
each year. The Programs have a variety of fellowships available at any 
given time. Accepted applicants are offered scopes of work for 
consideration when the Programs identify a match between their skills 
and the requirements of an available position. Fellows receive a 
professional-level stipend and benefits. Contact: The Population Fellows 
Programs, University of Michigan, 1214 South University, 2nd Floor, 
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2548; phone: (734) 763-9456; fax: (734) 647-
0643; or email: (Pop): [email protected] or (Pop-Env): 
[email protected] 



The Ohio Department of Health seeks a College Intern. Duties vary 
depending on qualifications. This is a paid position. Send Ohio Civil 
Service Application (Gen. 4268) and a statement and documentation of 
experience, coursework / education, and other qualifications that relate 
to the position to: Ohio Dept. of Health, Office of Human Resources, 
246 N. High St. 1st floor, P.O. Box 118, Columbus, Ohio 43216. 
Reference Vacancy Notice No.: 99940. If you have any questions or 
concerns regarding this posting, please contact: Lori Swoope at Phone: 
(614) 466-2434 or email: [email protected]



The Department of Health Services, County of Los Angeles seeks 
candidates for the following positions. Send application to: Health 
Services, Public Health Programs & Services, Office of Human 
Resources, 5555 Ferguson Dr. Rm 120-25, City of Commerce, CA 
90022. Candidates must attach a copy of their Bachelor's degree and a 
copy of their transcripts to their application at the time of filing. 
Reference the Appropriate Bulletin and Exam No.


A Public Health Investigator Trainee is sought. Duties: participation in a 
year-long didactic and on-the-job training program designed to teach the 
techniques and procedures of communicable disease investigation and 
the enforcement and application in the field of these techniques and 
procedures as defined by applicable public health laws and Public Health 
Investigation policies. REQUIRES: Bachelor's degree from an accredited 
college with Public Health related coursework. Monthly salary: $2,421. 
Reference Bulletin No.: 99-295-017:ER/7 and Exam No.: Y5644A/B.


A Public Health Microbiologist Trainee is sought. Duties: receives 
instruction and on-the job training in the performance of standardized 
public health laboratory tests as a participant in a formal six-month 
program in an approved training laboratory; receives training in the 
culture, isolation, and identification of pathogenic bacteria, including 
enteric pathogens, and other microorganisms; participates for training 
purposes in the examination and identification of ova, worms and 
protozoa from fecal specimens; and participates as a trainee in the 
conduct of serological examinations. REQUIRES: completion of all 
academic requirements necessary for California State Department of 
Health approval as a Public Health Microbiologist Trainee. Attach letter 
from the California State Department of Health verifying completion of 
all necessary academic requirements for appointment as a Public Health 
Microbiologist Trainee to application at time of filing. Monthly salary: 
$1,561. Reference Bulletin Number: 99-295-020:ER/7 and Exam No.: 


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